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Coming to Mosaic Clubhouse helped my confidence

Watch this video from one of our members talking about his experience at Mosaic Clubhouse.

Before I Came to Sanctuary I was walking the streets

When I came, people comforted me when I cried and they didn’t tell me to pull myself together. It was kind, familiar and safe.

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Studying to be a Chef

In the beginning I just wanted to make myself busy but now I like to spend time in the kitchen.

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My load is so much lighter

I have been a member of Mosaic since 2015. Recently, I started struggling with loneliness and isolation and also my depression, my physical health and my sleep got worse due to so many bad things happening at the same time. I did not enjoy life anymore; it felt like I was carrying a heavy load on my head and it was too much. 

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Mosaic brought back my confidence

I have been coming to Mosaic Clubhouse for about 18months. During this time I’ve helped on reception and volunteered in the Hospitality & Horticulture unit (HH) . I have learnt many things that I didn’t know before.

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Work Placement @ London Barberhood

At my work placement with London Barberhood I am gaining my confidence back. It’s so nice when you work alongside staff that see potential in you. I am learning new skills every day and progressing really fast

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Journey to full time employment

I never believed with the illness I suffer from that I would be able to hold down a job or have this sort of opportunity. With the help and support of Mosaic Clubhouse I started a journey that has been difficult, rewarding and altogether unexpected. Never underestimate the support and help that people are willing to give you.

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Making the first step

The staffs at my Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) are really happy with me and they said that I would be long with them! They say that I do a great job in the kitchen. For me a TEP is about giving people the opportunity to go out and explore different opportunities to find out their strengths. Having this TEP has given me the motivation to get out and explore my abilities. I wake up every morning looking for what needs doing.

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I am making a progress

My journey at the clubhouse started in the Hospitality and Horticulture unit , but since joining I have felt more confident in myself (the confidence comes and goes), not just in a working environment but also social as well. I still do feel sometimes that it’s difficult to socialise with other people but I’m working on it but all in all I feel I’m making good progress.

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Bright & Positive Future

To this day I still struggle getting to places on time, sometimes I make it surprisingly early, most of the time quite late. As I’ve been going to Mosaic Clubhouse this often repeats itself and usually Staff members and Mosaic members have been quite supportive about it, encouraging me to get here on time.

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