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Lauren's Story: How Mosaic helped me get into work

The eighth of our 25 stories for 25 years series...watch Lauren's story here.

Anonymous Story: I attended, I asked for help

The seventh of our 25 stories for 25 years series... read an Evening Sanctuary and Information Hub users story here .

Jamille's Story: "Mosaic helped my confidence"

The sixth of our 25 stories for 25 years series... watch Jamilles's story here.

Roger's Story: Running the London Marathon

The fifth of our 25 stories for 25 years series... watch Roger's story here.

Ermiyas' Story: Getting Support to Move Forward

The fourth of our 25 stories for 25 years series... read Ermiyas' story here .

Sandra's Story: The Star of Hope Poem

The third of our 25 stories for 25 years series... here is a poem from Sandra

Kiley's Story: Doing a Transitional Employment Placement

The second of our 25 stories for 25 years series... watch Kiley's story here .

Chantal's Story: Trying different things at Mosaic

The first of our 25 stories for 25 years series... Read Chantal's warming story here .

Getting involved with classes at Mosaic

Read about Richard's experience of joining classes and groups at Mosaic
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It's good to talk

Hear from Armanda, one of our members, about how important it is to open up to others 
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Being part of the Hospital in reach project at Mosaic

Hear from Michael, one of our members, about our Hospital in reach project
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I am very glad that I joined this club

Read Mika's account of starting a Transitional Employment Placement
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Volunteering at the Information Hub

Mosaic Clubhouse offers members interesting, insightful and engaging events that are aimed around development in all of its forms. For me, chief of these has been the training sessions for Mosaic’s very own Information Hub .
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My experience at Pret A Manger

One of our members, Sergio has written an account of his time working on Pret's Rising Stars project.
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Feeling at home in my new volunteering role

An interview with one of our members, Anne, about her new volunteering role.
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Building confidence through work

Watch this video from one of our members talking about how her experience working in the Business and Administration Unit at Mosaic helped her feel more ready to get back to work.

A reason to wake up in the morning

Hi! My name is Rebecca. I like cooking, watching films and listening to music. I have Bi-polar affective disorder which started 21 years ago. 

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Better equipped to work

Read about my experience in a Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) as an administrative assistant in the Living Well Network Hub.

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Coming to Mosaic Clubhouse helped my confidence

Watch this video from one of our members talking about his experience at Mosaic Clubhouse.

Studying to be a Chef

In the beginning I just wanted to make myself busy but now I like to spend time in the kitchen.

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My load is so much lighter

I have been a member of Mosaic since 2015. Recently, I started struggling with loneliness and isolation and also my depression, my physical health and my sleep got worse due to so many bad things happening at the same time. I did not enjoy life anymore; it felt like I was carrying a heavy load on my head and it was too much. 

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