Helps me to breathe a little easier

Sometimes growth is subtle, and support is often quite stealthy done here throughout the working day, so it’s only when I stop to take a step back, I can see how far I have come.

I re-joined Mosaic Clubhouse during the pandemic as I had become extremely isolated, and my mental health had deteriorated. I have had several different issues which led to this point. Slowly over the last couple of years I have been given the tools to build the skills I need, and the confidence to recognise the skills I already possess, in starting to rebuild my life.

I started regularly coming to Mosaic, almost every day, forcing myself at first and then because I wanted to, needed to really, as I recognised the benefit it was having on me. I also started volunteering at Brockwell Greenhouses. Mosaic was here for me when my Mum died last year. They have been here when I had no money to live on. They have encouraged me to improve my living conditions. I haven’t been back to hospital.

This year, through Mosaic, I was able to get a placement at Paws and Pause. A dog day care that runs as a social enterprise helping people with mental health or other issues like addiction. It is a unique programme and I love animals, especially dogs. It came just at the right point in my life that I was able to engage with it fully and make the most of it. I completed the six-month programme with 100% attendance. They offer workshops and regular one-to-one support in finding work, CVs, and interviews, accessing courses training or volunteering, managing your mental health at work and accessing support, as well as communication skills, amongst other things. Although not all the trainees there want to go on to work with dogs, I found this was something I loved doing and worked well around my personal issues. I love being outside and found the dogs very therapeutic. I felt part of a team and the wider community again, outside of mental health services and the safety of Mosaic. It culminated with me running my own agility workshops at Paws and Pause, one for other trainees and staff, and one for the for a local company’s team building activity. I have also written regularly for their newsletter and blog posts.

"Having someone believe in me when I don’t, gave me that little spark of momentum to keep pushing onwards"

They are very keen to take me on as a member of staff once they expand their business which they are currently in the process of. I am continuing to volunteer there, building up on my hours I did as a trainee and taking on more responsibilities. I am continuing some online courses in dog communication, behaviour, and training etc. They offer external dog boarding for clients of the day-care who need it and I have been approved to do this so can start earning while I’m volunteering. I hope to work here if the expansion goes ahead soon or else a similar environment.

I have valued Mosaic’s continued support throughout this time as it has been very stressful and not at all easy. Especially at a time when there is limited help available from mental health services and I am not able to pay for private therapy, counselling, or support. Knowing Mosaic and the people in it have my back helps me to breathe a little easier and deeper. Having someone believe in me when I don’t, gave me that little spark of momentum to keep pushing onwards.

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