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I came to Mosaic about a year ago. I had recently decided to defer my degree for a year after stressful experiences working on acute mental health wards during COVID and the subsequent lockdowns. My mental health had deteriorated to the point I had to be sectioned and admitted to a ward myself.

I have long standing challenges around my mental health, and have spent years of my adolescence and early 20’s in hospital.

Whilst in hospital during this most recent admission, I found it embarrassing to be being cared for by colleagues, and felt there was no overlap between acknowledging my long term mental health issues and working in the NHS, on the frontlines.

When I was discharged, I was lacking structure and purpose, and found it challenging to engage back into real life. I came across Mosaic Clubhouse by chance. Whilst at first, the structure felt challenging, Mosaic worked with me at my speed and I was able to dip in and out when it suited. I started working in the B&A unit, and enjoyed being able to use my previous admin experience during my time engaging with the unit.

"I’ve been supported to re-find my feet and have now been able to return to work"

Because of this, I was introduced to the Computer Drop In sessions, in which I was able to support other members getting online. I also started supporting members in the Reading Group sessions, helping members to learn to read from often very low levels of literacy. After seeing firsthand the impact lack of access when services moved online during COVID, it felt really important to be able to utilise my professional experience in both admin and tutoring.

Whilst I’ve been able to stay out of hospital, there have still been challenging episodes, but I really appreciate that I can slot in time at Mosaic around these, and that I know I will have positive experiences and interactions with others whenever I come in. I’ve been supported to re-find my feet and have now been able to return to work, in a job I enjoy, and I feel I am still able to come in and take part in activities when I want, and still feel part of the community.

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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