Employment Partnerships with Mosaic Clubhouse

We support people’s recovery by building accessible roads into sustainable jobs.  Our partners include high-profile organisations such as Public Health England, the National Theatre, the NHS, Morley College and business news channel CNBC.  We are equally committed to forging relationships with SMEs which are so key to the economy of Lambeth.

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Partnership Options

Transitional Employment Placements - part time, paid roles involving entry-level tasks. Staff from Mosaic Clubhouse train and support members to do these placements, which last from 6 to 9 months after which another member is trained to do the job.  For many members, this represents a hugely important first step into, or return to, paid employment and – as such – carries enormous impact.

“For me, the biggest challenge with getting back into work was a lack of confidence. I have worked in the past and have felt good at whatever job I was doing, but my issues had me doubting every little thing about myself and my abilities. Monthly catch ups with my supervisors here at my placement, as well as the excellent support from Mosaic, have given me the chance to voice concerns about what I am dealing with, as well as hear positive feedback about my work.

The position, whilst challenging at first, has allowed me to rediscover what I love about working; meeting new people throughout the day, feeling like I’m part of a team and the chance to make someone’s day brighter, even if it’s just something small like a friendly chat. And this positive change has affected the rest of my life; my home life has never been better, and I now feel much more comfortable in situations that are either new or stressful. I can’t recommend both Mosaic and the TEP programme enough, it really has changed my life for the better. I’m so incredibly grateful.”

Supported Employment – Our members are highly motivated to work and, having experienced the sense of isolation and exclusion that all too often accompanies mental health conditions, need encouragement and practical support.  We partner with very effective supported employment programmes such as Pret’s Rising Stars.

A member who recently completed this said,

“During winter in the middle of lockdown, the West End was windswept and deserted and, travelling into central London each day to serve food from one of the few outlets to stay open to key workers, construction workers and emergency workers, I felt as though I was working on the front line.  Juanita, manager of Rising Stars, told me that she’d enjoyed working with me and had seen a big improvement in my confidence while I’d been on the programme. Pret Rising Stars was a great experience and I’m really pleased that I had the opportunity to work within such a dynamic, professional team and environment.”

We also support employers to develop more accessible positions, tailored to ensure that individual job seekers thrive in the role, when they might otherwise struggle.

Independence through Employment is our focus, and the goal of many people who live with mental health conditions.  Mosaic Clubhouse is very experienced in working with all sorts of employers and, if you want to explore the potential of working with us, we’d be delighted to talk.

Contact Lee Elliott: l.elliott@mosaic-clubhouse.org

An employers perspective on Transitional Employment Placements (TEPs)

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