Building myself up to find employment

                                                                                            Photo from our young adults football team last year

After a journey using government run organisations and feeling it was enough support for my mental health I was informed about Mosaic. I first came to Mosaic in November.

The goal I set for myself was to find employment that would suit my skills and needs. But I felt unsure of how to start that process. With the support of Michael, Dawite and Ade and many wonderful staff at Mosaic, I set goals of skills I wanted to acquire and opportunities I wanted to take. The opportunities presented in the Young Adults Meetings covered a lot of range and there were some that were very suitable for me.

The actions I took were:

- working with CV and employment advisors that came into the clubhouse.

- contributing to tasks in the clubhouse work ordered day.

- going to external programs including School of Hard Knocks and Makerversity.

This helped me build from the ground up a new CV with my current skills and experience alongside the skills I gained using the database Salesforce, working on reception and assisting the Finance Administrator.

The School of Hard Knocks was a boxing and employment program that used exercise and education to empower me to; take on active an approach searching for work, keep me in a routine with regular exercise, support my applications outside normal hours of the program and to help with interview skills. 

The Makerversity course, run by the Princes Trust, involved looking into more sustainable living by creating products using recycled materials. What I took away from this course was the more people can do in day to day life and how I could apply that when talking to companys about corporate social responsibility.

Thank you to everyone at every level of Mosaic for the running of the clubhouse and the opportunities it gave me. I am still interested in taking on more opportunities and I am still applying to find work during the lockdown.

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