Colleague Training

What is Colleague Training?

Mosaic Clubhouse offers Colleague Training, providing an immersive experience into our daily operations but also the philosophy and culture that underpins the work we do. This training is ideal for those starting a new Clubhouse or those looking to develop an existing one. Participants will learn how to implement and enhance the Clubhouse model within their communities. Additionally, the training includes the creation of an Action Plan to support effective implementation and growth.

Next Colleague Training

We have a range of opportunities to engage in Colleague Training through out the year. Outlined below are the next available training slots:

  • 4 - 15 November 2024   FULLY BOOKED
  • 24 February - 7 March 2025   FULLY BOOKED
  • 12 - 23 May 2025    SPACES AVAILABLE
  • 17 - 28 November 2025    SPACES AVAILABLE

Feedback from our colleagues

Listen to what our colleagues from Clubhouse Asker & Clubhouse Rygge have to say about their experience of colleague training at Mosaic Clubhouse.

To Apply for Places

If you are interested in applying for a place on colleague training for your clubhouse team, please email Lee Elliott, our Colleague Training Lead or Chris Thomas, CEO at the following emails:

We look forward to hearing from you!

What will I learn from Colleague Training?

Colleague Training enables trainees to:

  • Immerse themselves in the clubhouse community.
  • Participate in our work units and develop the skills to run an engaging work-ordered day.
  • Gain an insight into key clubhouse issues such as the transitional employment programme and clubhouse-supported education.
  • Challenge and test the standards to gain a more profound understanding of the clubhouse philosophy.
  • Write your own detailed action plan to integrate the lessons you’ve learned into your own clubhouse community.
  • Socialise with other clubhouse members and explore the sights and sounds of London.

A series of readings will complement the basic training attendees receive each day, and activities will be planned in the evening, including dinner at a local restaurant on the first evening of the training, an Employment Dinner and a Board Meeting or AGM, as well as optional social events.

The course is designed to help you identify your Clubhouse’s strengths and needs, share best practice with other Clubhouses, and understand the core philosophy which underpins our organisation.

Six to nine months after you have completed your training, we can send a follow-up team to your Clubhouse to help you review the goals outlined in your Action Plan and provide further assistance.

Why train at Mosaic Clubhouse?

Mosaic Clubhouse is a beacon of best practice for the global Clubhouse community. It has been awarded the highest level of Clubhouse International accreditation and is recognised as a centre of excellence, both within London and internationally.
Mosaic Clubhouse has developed a very effective partnership approach to meeting the needs and aspirations of its members in all aspects of their recovery, wellbeing, goal setting and vocational outcomes.

In developing an Information Service and an Evening Sanctuary Service, accessible to non-members in the wider community, Mosaic Clubhouse has forged a central and outward-facing position within its community.

Mosaic Clubhouse is also extremely well-connected, in the heart of one of London’s coolest, most distinctive and creative districts. The Clubhouse is situated in a newly refurbished building in Brixton, and Central London, with all its attractions, is just a short journey on the underground.

Training Fees

First Time Participants (New Clubhouses) $ 7,000 USD  

This three-week training experience is designed for new start-up Clubhouses or programmes converting to the Clubhouse model from another service approach. Tuition includes training and lodging for the Clubhouse director, one staff person and one member. Additionally, tuition includes training and lodging for an individual with administrative oversight responsibility for the Clubhouse for the last week of the training programme.  

The tuition fee includes a post-site visit to the Clubhouse for onsite consultation and assistance, approximately six to nine months after the training.

On-going Training (Established Clubhouses) $5,000 USD

This two or three-week training experience is equivalent to training for first-time participants but is designed for Clubhouses where the Clubhouse director has already been to training.

Tuition includes training and lodging for one member and one staff person for three weeks. Additionally, tuition includes training and lodging for an individual with administrative oversight responsibility for the last week of the training programme.

Post training site visits are negotiable and are scheduled six to nine months after the training experience. Clubhouses requesting a post-training site visit will be responsible to pay expenses which exceed $500 USD.

Additional participants for the entire training period = $2,000 USD per person
Additional administrators for the last week of training = $900 USD per person

Training fee does not include food or transport.

Payment needs to be sent as soon as possible because training groups fill up fast and availability is on a first come first served basis. We must have your Clubhouse’s full payment in hand in order for your place to be reserved. The non-refundable payment is for the dates specified on the invoice and will not be applied toward another training group should you change your plans within 60 days of your originally scheduled training start date.

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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