At our October board meeting members fed back their experiences of the last six months – lockdown and Mosaic reopening, find a few quotes below:

Julie: Mosaic has been a great source of support during lockdown, providing daily Zoom meetings to connect staff and members. I particularly enjoy taking part in the quizzes and seeing who wins each week. I have regular calls with my Engagement Worker, who is sensitive, pragmatic, and full of ideas on how to structure my days. Without that contact, my days would have been empty.

Kevin: The phone calls my Engagement Worker provides are important because she can learn rather quickly whether I am coping or not. My Engagement Worker helped me grow a Marigold flower plant and I would water it each day or every other day in August 2020 when I would go and sit on the front patio. I would sit on the front patio to escape feeling tired, and to practice mindfulness listening to the wind, seeing, and hearing the birds, cats, foxes, horses and dog walkers.

Petal: During the lockdown I was on my own: I was just eating and sleeping. But I have also done some drawings, reading, watching TV, and listening to the news most of the time. I was tired of not doing anything. It was not easy. I had no one to talk to. I live in a B&B, so I was just sitting down in my room. I would like to thank you for having me here. It is great coming to Mosaic. It is for a good cause. Helping in the kitchen and café is very good for me. I have learnt some new skills like cooking and serving. Mosaic is a lovely place, and everyone is friendly. Don is a great help and easy to work with as he is calm all the time. It is great working in Mosaic.

Diana: In lockdown I could not cope. I started to self-harm as at home. I am a carer and sometimes I cannot take it anymore. During this time, I missed Mosaic where I can get some peace of mind. I am very grateful that Mosaic is open, and all the Café and Gardens staff are back, keeping us all so very safe. Coming here takes some pressure off my mind, knowing that I am not only safe but also, I have new opportunities to learn new things.

Chantal: Well, when I heard Mosaic was going to open I was delighted. While being in quarantine I felt I needed my social life and Mosaic gave me back this, along with more opportunities. Mosaic means everything to me, it's like family to me without being discriminated against and a very supportive community.

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