About The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a new out of-hours support service in a non-clinical space, targeted at Lambeth residents over 18 years of age who live with a mental health condition.
The Sanctuary is staffed by Mosaic Support Workers, Peer Supporters from Solidarity in a Crisis and Mosaic Clubhouse Members. This support service is part of a range of developments being implemented in Lambeth to provide even more effective support to people in a crisis.

We offer a comfortable and welcoming environment; people to listen; information and signposting service, and a range of snacks and refreshments. Members can access various activities such as exercise classes, art, videos, DVD and music, or relax in our quiet space.

Referrals can only be made by:

  • Psychiatric liaison teams in local A&E departments
  • Lambeth Home Treatment Team
  • Community Mental Health Teams
  • Street Triage
  • The Living Well Network Hub
  • South London & Maudsley NHS Trust 24 hour mental health line
  • GPs

People can be referred up until midnight.

We can arrange transport to the Sanctuary and to take people home if required.

The Sanctuary opens five nights a week - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - between the hours of 6pm and 2am.

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Why I attend the Sanctuary

mosaic clubhouse evening sanctuaryThe Sanctuary is a friendly, safe place, where I can just sit and talk to other service-users, it is relaxing and takes me away from my mental health problems.

I attend the Sanctuary as I am stuck indoors almost 24/7 with my anxiety and depression and I miss being around people.

The Sanctuary gives me the opportunity to meet people. The Sanctuary has helped me to open up with Support Workers and to trust people again. Also, when I’m at my lowest, I can go to the Sanctuaryand do stuff from quizzes to having a laugh.

The Sanctuary has helped me more than I can say due to the care,compassion and understanding of support workers and volunteers.

Making a difference

mosaic clubhouse Evening Sanctuary testimonialA Sanctuary visitor wrote..." I got referred to the Evening Sanctuary by my CBT therapist before Christmas 2016. After suffering a breakdown in my personal life 8 months before - where I was at my lowest point in my life struggling with addiction to medication and not wanting to be alive.

Since my referral and my very first phone call with Sarah Jayne it's made me realise life is worth living and loneliness was the worst thing I have ever experienced. Having the Sanctuary has changed my life to a completely new level, I am now happy for the fist time in my life, I have kicked my addiction and I come to Sanctuary to chat to my dear friends and staff and to help other people.

There is now something inside me that wants to help others like I have been helped myself. The guys here made me realise this with the help they gave me. And that's just chatting. Better than any medication in my eyes. I'm not lonely and I feel alive."

Contact Us

Mosaic Clubhouse
65 Effra Road, Brixton
London, SW2 1BZ
Tel: 020 7924 9657

About Us

Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

Mosaic Clubhouse is a registered charity No: 1071705. Company No: 3403522

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