Putting my slippers on and getting back on my feet

Hi everyone, my name is Petal. I would like to say some few words about my progress of going back to work.

I was not well mentally. I was in hospital for about six months. Through that time, when I was in hospital, I was not putting on slippers on my feet, I refused to do it. One day, I came to Mosaic with one of the staff nurses from Lambeth hospital. That week was the first time I put the slippers on. It was then I realised that I was not well mentally. I pray a lot and that is what has given me hope to get well and continue with my life. Of course, with the help of the treatment. So, I thank God.

After my recovery, I started planning how to go back to work. First, I started to look for a voluntary job. I then got a phone call from my allocated key worker at Mosaic. I had an introduction with them, when I expressed that I would like to study and return to work. I started as a volunteer here at Mosaic Clubhouse. After a few months, I started to gain confidence to return to work and improved my self-confidence too.

"I started to gain confidence to return to work and improved my self-confidence too"

In 2021, I applied to Morley College to study Social Care level 1. I live in a supported accommodation, so I also have a lot of support from the staff there. I also got a laptop from the Digital Inclusion project at Mosaic, which makes my learning easier. I studied online, and I was awarded Adult Social Care Level 1 Certificate. I was extremely glad. This certificate gave me hope to continue with my studies. I then applied for Level 2 in Adult Social Care, which I am now studying.

I have just received my Mental Health Awareness Level 1 certificate. I was then advised to apply for a care job while studying. This is what I did and was offered a care job at Harmony Employment agency. I went through their social care training, and when I completed it, they offered me a job role as a care worker, while studying for my Level 2 certificate. My aim is to become a health care nurse. I love my job.

I hope my story will give you great inspiration to plan and study, so you can gain confidence to go back to work. I have started with some baby steps, so yes you can make It too! All you need is the first steps. Thank you for listening to my story.

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