I feel at home as I can be myself

We were recently invited to the Clubhouse International World Seminar in Baltimore. Our Chief Executive Chris, Young Adults Coordinator Dawite and young adult member Chenique attended. Chenique and Dawite presented our Young Adults programme to 600 delegates to encourage clubhouses to develop their work with young adults, as part of this presentation Chenique told her story:

My name is Chenique, and I am 25 years old.

I grew up in foster care from literally the day I was born, and I was in and out of the care system. My mum had schizophrenia, which was the reason as to why I was taken away from her. Growing up I was scared that I would be like her, which looking back was probably one of the reasons as to why I was constantly breaking down and relapsing at an early age.

I moved around from one foster home to another and eventually got kicked out of one, which left me to become homeless, sleeping on the buses and I was suffering from hallucinations and was feeling suicidal. During this time, I was in an abusive relationship which ended terribly, and I felt so lost. I was then put into temporary accommodation, but I was still in and out of hospital.

I started coming to Mosaic Clubhouse in July last year. At first, I was going back and forth to the hospital and was reluctant to attend Mosaic. This is because my perception as a young adult was that being around people who were going through mental health struggles like me would be triggering to my mental state. Young adults have a hard time with this - walking through the doors of a “mental health programme,” but being at Mosaic has been very helpful.

Overtime, my confidence grew, and I started to come in more regularly as I had something meaningful to do during the day and Mosaic kept my brain busy. The young adults program encourages me to come in more as I have people to talk to. I feel safe with the support of the staff and members. I feel at home as I can be myself around my peers and age mates, I knew I wasn’t alone. I realised some young members were going through the same issues like me and I was able to provide possible solutions for them.

"Overtime, my confidence grew, and I started to come in more regularly as I had something meaningful to do during the day and Mosaic kept my brain busy."

I am normally based in the Employment and Education unit, and I love to make posters, do reach out, admin work and what Dawite will probably say, “Talk 24/7” but I call it socialising with members. I recently completed a six-week programme, which helps 16-24-year-olds overcome challenges they may face and supporting them to get into work. After this, I was able to start my Maths course at college.

Mosaic Clubhouse is one of the 12 Clubhouse International Training Bases, and I also had the opportunity to visit Gibraltar Clubhouse for a post site action plan visit which was amazing! Being able to leave England for a night was something I really needed which gave me the courage to apply for a longer Clubhouse opportunity, like this seminar.

My goal is to go back into work and get into Health and Social Care. Mosaic Clubhouse will help me get to my goal by helping me find jobs in the field and by sending me any upcoming jobs that may come up to do with health and social care.

As a young adult in the Clubhouse, I have found Mosaic Clubhouse so useful, and it has saved and changed my life. I wish I had found out about Mosaic Clubhouse before, in my younger years, as it would have made more of a difference for me. 

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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