Mosaic Clubhouse members do not let me feel alone

This is one of the 13 members' stories we heard at our recent Annual General Meeting, 18th November 2021. The photo is of other members, not Jorge, in the clubhouse.

My name is Jorge, I've lived in London for nine years, I have mental health issues since I was a child, that’s why I change jobs continuously.

I’m alone in London, no family, no friends. 3 years ago, I had a crisis, and I was in hospital, I had the opportunity to meet a Mosaic Clubhouse staff, who told me how beneficial it would for me if I joined as a Mosaic Clubhouse member. So, I did it. At first, I did it just in case I get some help with my mental health, but I just thought about working to pay my bills, like I said I was alone.

Then the pandemic came in and I lost my cleaning job. I was desperate but my support worker called me every week asking me how I’m doing and sending me food every time I needed it.

It was a very difficult time for me, then I had another crisis, that has sent me to hospital but this time as homeless. And this time I get more help still from my support worker who is the best support I have received in my entire life.

Now I live in supported accommodation and when I’m in crisis or I’m in hospital, Mosaic Clubhouse members do not let me feel alone, they care about me, they support me with all my needs.

I used to say to say that I’m all alone, now I know that isn’t true. I was born in South America and found true friends in London. In Mosaic Clubhouse I have always been welcomed with open arms.

"I used to say to say that I’m all alone, now I know that isn’t true."

Thank you so much for all support.

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