A new life for me

At Mosaic Clubhouse members and staff work together to run the center. We have three units, hear Debbie talk about her recent move to the Business and Administration (or B&A) Unit.

Well, I think the more activities you take part in the more interesting your life is. I only joined the Business and Administration recently even though I had been a member of the Education and Employment Unit for 6 years. So, it’s very much like a new life for me. It’s like joining a new class at school, you must get to know who your new classmates are. And possibly make new friends…!

Every unit is different, the people are different and so is the work. Some of us look forward to doing something new and perhaps challenging even. If you’re a withdrawn character (like me) then you might be interested in engaging with people regularly to bring out your true personality. I think the Business and Administration covers most of what I have mentioned here so it is doing me good. 

"So how is it helping me? We all need something constructive to do."

So how is it helping me? We all need something constructive to do. It’s all here in the Business and Administration. If it wasn’t for Mosaic I wouldn’t have anywhere to go, well, apart from the shops. What I do in this unit is Recording: Members daily attendances, workshops attendees, reach out calls and individual support sessions. Also, typing, filing, and signing cards. Sometimes all in one day. And don’t forget Reception: answering calls or signing people in and out.

There’s always a prevailing lighthearted atmosphere here so that does us good. I wish I could stay longer but unfortunately in the winter I need to leave before it gets dark. The Business and Administration unit looks after us.

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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