How work can turn your life around

I was a full-time career for my Dad who had Alzheimer's. Sadly he passed away in 2018. Losing him badly affected my physical and mental health and I ended up trying to take my own life. I ended up in Lambeth hospital. My doctor suggested Mosaic Clubhouse, which I started to go to after I left. When I visited Mosaic, I found not only could you meet people there, but you could also help with the running of the centre. You could work in the gardens, the cafe, the business section, whichever area you’re interested in. 
I was very nervous and apprehensive about starting my Transitional Employment Placement (TEP).I didn't have any self-belief in myself, I didn't believe I would be able to do it. I had already started volunteering at Battersea Dogs Home, before I started the TEP, which helped, as it had given me the belief that I could go back to work and make a difference. 
I got a tremendous amount of support from Mosaic in helping me to settle into the role at the TEP. Mosaic staff believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Everyone at the TEP treated me as an equal. I knew if there were a day I couldn't work that someone would cover my shift, so I never felt I would be letting anyone down if I was unable to be at work. It helped so much having that support from Mosaic. 

My TEP role was at a mental health Centre in Brixton which also has an Art Gallery. Clients would visit to have CBT, or appointments with Psychiatrists. I would open and close the building, work on reception on my own, let people into the building and make bookings for staff and clients, answer the phones and help the staff when needed.

"Mosaic staff believed in me when I didn't believe in myself."

The TEP had a massive impact on my mental health. I really recommended a TEP to anyone in a similar position to me. It gets you out, you meet people and get into a routine. My confidence was rock bottom. But when you have people around you who are being really supportive and are saying you’re good at what you’re doing, it really does help you believe in yourself more. If I looked back three to four  years ago, I really couldn’t see myself working. My worst-case scenario, without all the support I’ve had, is that I wouldn’t be here now. I did try to take my own life. Doing the TEP changed my life and I so glad I did it. 
It has given me the confidence to try new things, do more volunteering and I began a relationship with someone I used to go out with over 20 years ago and we will be getting married soon. It also gave me the confidence to apply for jobs which resulted in an interview and a job offer which I accepted from a hotel in March this year.  I never would have believed any of this was possible.
I am now working as a Team Member Receptionist. It has been challenging but I have so much more confidence in my abilities and have had some really good feedback on trip advisor about my customer service. I am also now starting a Level 2 apprenticeship in Hospitality, which I'm looking forwarded to, as I want to better myself and be the best, I can be in anything I do. I am also still volunteering at Battersea and Blue Cross which I love and doing my Befriending for Age UK. 
When my doctor explained the Clubhouse to me, I didn’t quite understand what it was or how it could help me, but I went anyway and I’m so glad I did. If there’s one thing I’d like people to take away from my story is how much a place like Mosaic Clubhouse can help.

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