I was thrown in at the deep end

Hear from one of our members, Augusta, recount how she came to Mosaic alongside her experience during lockdown.

I knew about Mosaic before I became a member, I lived nearby for 15 years. I have a rare health condition, 5 years ago a common infection worsened and I ended up in intensive care for 10 days. I had to stop work and my immune system was affected.

I was a housekeeper. Suddenly I lost my routine, I was used to getting up and going to work. My GP noticed I wasn’t doing well and referred me to Mosaic. I like to work in the café here, it reminds me of what I used to do. I also like working in the Business and Admin unit, it’s where I started, I feel at home. I like working on reception. At Mosaic I can take my time doing tasks, and come in and help when I feel up to it. I’m also working on my computer skills.

When the pandemic began everything shut. I had to shield. It was a rollercoaster. It was sad and frustrating the lack of access to services, such as physiotherapy, the small progress I had made, I lost. It was like they knew I didn’t know how to swim, and yet I was thrown in at the deep end. Some of my therapy and appointments still haven’t started up again, or I am now on the bottom of their list. I am on a waiting list for an operation, I don’t know when that will happen.

Even though the Mosaic building closed during lockdown I could still talk to my support worker, I had regular catch ups. During lockdown I used to walk to Mosaic just to check it was still there, to make sure. I have my family, but still emotional and practical support from Mosaic was really helpful. Now Mosaic is open again, I am back to helping out here. My support worker is helping me with some housing issues I have. I feel safe at Mosaic, people don’t look down on you.

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