Young Adults @ Mosaic

The Young Adults programme at Mosaic is aimed at our members aged between 16 and 30 . We have over 90 young adult members working alongside each other towards achieving their potential whilst enjoying the exciting programme of events Mosaic Clubhouse has to offer.
What we offer:

• One to one support with a dedicated Support Worker
• An exciting programme of social events
• Support to access education and employment opportunities
• A chance to get involved in our Young Adults Forum which meets once a month
• Learn how to effectively use social media
• A chance to take part in and deliver external presentations
• An opportunity to meet with and work alongside other young adults with similar experiences



Are you keen to know what our young adults have done recently? look no further...this is where you can keep up to date with the latest news and views of our young adults. Check out our Young Adults calendar to see what is coming up next.

The Running Charity

At our November forum we were lucky enough to have a visit from The Running Charity, an organisation that supports vulnerable 16-25 year olds by using running as a way of building resilience, confidence and self-esteem. We are very excited about our first session taking place on Tuesday 14th November at 2pm. Watch this space for an update!

Fun on the Farm

A group of young members had a great trip to Magdalen Farm in Dorset where we got to experience farm life first hand. We had the opportunity to feed the goats, chickens & pig as well as collecting eggs and clearing out the chicken house. We enjoyed delicious home cooked organic meals as well as team building outdoor activities. The farm was in a beautiful countryside setting and the staff were so welcoming and knowledgeable – we can’t wait for the next visit!


Natasha- our newest teacher :)

Natasha is one of our young members at Mosaic Clubhouse and is currently running a portraiture class. Here is her story about how she came to be running the class …

Mosaic Clubhouse interview with Natasha about her love of art and delivering the mosaic clubhouse portraiture class

‘I have been a member of mosaic clubhouse since October 2016 and decided in January with the encouragement of Nicki to run a portraiture class. I have been a keen drawer since I was sixteen. Although teachers and friends had commented on the fact they thought I was talented, there was more to why I kept up practice.

I have battled with depression a long time now and drawing/art became a vehicle to express my struggle in a way that also benefited my life. It led me to getting onto numerous art courses after leaving secondary school. It gave me a focus and created a safe place to release some of the pain that was trapped inside of me. Though I have gone through some difficult times with my mental health, art has always been something I could keep up no matter what, offering a release at the worst times and a sense of achievement and pleasure at the best. Through the years my confidence has grown, improvements have appeared, yet the learning process will never stop for me… That’s the beauty of it.

And I hope to be able to share this with as many people as possible. What art can offer our souls and what an important part it can play in self-expression.’

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

The National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is a week in the year where  apprenticeships are celebrated by apprentices and their employers. The NAW is organised by the National Apprenticeship Service.
Mosaic Clubhouse has been offering apprenticeships for some years. Raphael is our current apprentice, and here’s what he thinks of the experience so far.

When did you come to Mosaic?
I Joined Mosaic Clubhouse August 2016, after an apprenticeship at  Kings College Hospital.

What role are you doing and how long have you been doing it?
I am an apprentice in Business and Administration, my role is to work and support members within the business and Administration unit.
  Raphael Mosaic Clubhouse Apprentice writes a piece for National Apprenticeship Week.
Raphael Smith
My responsibilities include making sure that meeting rooms are ready and our hallway monitors are showing what is happening throughout each day. I also have to monitor stationary supplies.
I get to work side-by-side with members to do reach out calls to other members to remind them of workshops and other activities they can take part in. I double check the attendance register before inputting data onto our electronic records.
During Computer and Job Club drop-ins I support members with IT skills, job searches, CV’s and job applications. Another part of my role is to carry out reception duties, booking in visitors and members and answering phone calls.
I support members that work on the TEP’S. TEP stands for Transitional Employment Placement These placements help Mosaic members get back into work after being out of work for a period of time. I have been doing this role for 7 months now at Mosaic Clubhouse.

What difference has Mosaic made to you?
Mosaic has drastically improved my communication skills as I am communicating frequently with members and staff on a day to day basis. Mosaic has also helped me to become more responsible by managing my time effectively. Working here at Mosaic has improved my self-confidence when interacting with people.

What are your plans for the future?
Once I complete my apprenticeship I aim to get a job in the mental health field (preferably Maudsley Hospital or even in Mosaic Clubhouse) as I have always wanted to work in this environment.  


 Pharmacy Students Volunteer at the Clubhouse- Yay!!

Pharmacist students at mosaic clubhouse, student volunteers
( L to R: Tehreem Mirza, Subuhe Sattar, Mariam Elwakeel at Mosaic Clubhouse Cafe Kitchen)

Our members were joined by Pharmacist student volunteers. Mariam wrote: "My time spent at Mosaic Clubhouse was an eye opener into the other support services offered outside the NHS. I was given the opportunity to experience various departments within the Clubhouse, my favourite being in the kitchen, as well as meeting new people from different backgrounds and all walks of life.

I was warmly welcomed by different members of the clubhouse as if I had been volunteering for a long time and felt very comfortable. The environment created by the members and the staff equally was very friendly and home-like; everyone is very understanding and appreciative- something that is not often found in workplaces. Throughout my time at Mosaic Clubhouse, I was based in the kitchen where I interacted with most of the members throughout the day and got to hear many interesting life experiences; which I have learnt a lot from. The time spent in Mosaic Clubhouse is incomparable to any voluntary experience I’ve ever had, it was truly amazing.

 We hope that the members enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs and if the opportunity arises we’d be more than happy to spend more time in Mosaic Clubhouse". 


 New Condom Service

We launched a new service in partnerhsip with Come Correct to Distribute free condoms to under 24yr olds
Mosaic Clubhouse come correct condom distribution partnership, young adults family planning,

Every month Young Adult members get together to plan events,socialise, and hear about employment, education and well- being programmes and opportunities.
mosaic clubhouse young adults forum


Hear From Our Young Adults

Our Stories

Work Placement @ London Barberhood

At my work placement with London Barberhood I am gaining my confidence back. It’s so nice when you work alongside staff that see potential in you. I am learning new skills every day and progressing really fast.

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Bright & Positive Future

To this day I still struggle getting to places on time, sometimes I make it surprisingly early, most of the time quite late. As I’ve been going to Mosaic Clubhouse this often repeats itself and usually Staff members and Mosaic members have been quite supportive about it, encouraging me to get here on time.


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Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Get On Track Programme

Not only is this a good opportunity for young people who want to get into sport because it allows them to get the contacts to help make that happen but it is also a great opportunity for young people who want to build up their confidence. 


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Being the Person I am Meant to Be

Paul's story Mosaic Clubhouse Young Adults

When it comes down to my own mental health it is not something that I normally discuss or like to, but now that has changed, now I am no longer ashamed about it, now I feel comfortable talking about it and by doing so, here and now, I hope that it might help others with their recovery.

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Jessica's Story

Jessica's Story, Mosaic Clubhouse Young Adults

Hi, my name is Jessica. I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression from as young as 13 years old. I’ve been in and out of therapy for over a decade. I dropped out of secondary school half way through...

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Magdalen Farm Trip

I loved getting to know mosaic members and staff better. We had such a lovely time I didn’t want to leave.

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