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What is a Clubhouse?

Mosaic Clubhouse supports people who are living with a mental health condition. Mosaic’s approach is built on the internationally-recognised  Clubhouse model , which embeds co-production between staff and members throughout all activities. We are intentionally understaffed so when you join Mosaic Clubhouse you will be taking part in the running of the organisation. 

We aim to promote positive mental health for those living with severe and often enduring mental health conditions, enabling individuals to regain the confidence and skills necessary to lead productive and satisfying lives. Members have the opportunity to work on reception, run our café, maintain our gardens, support our administration and finance activities and deliver workshops for the benefit of their peers. Members are therefore the key stakeholders within our organisation and participate in all our work, decision-making and governance opportunities.

What happens when I join Mosaic Clubhouse?

On first joining Mosaic, you will meet with an Engagement Worker to help you identify your goals. 

Once you are a member you can join one of our three units: Business & Administration, Cafe & Maintenance or Employment, Education and Information. You will also have access to our social and wellbeing activities, a variety of employment & education opportunities,  information & signposting services and the  Evening Sanctuary . We also have a  young adults programme  aimed at individuals aged 16-30. 

Become a member of Mosaic Clubhouse.

This unit is the engine room of Mosaic Clubhouse. As well as routine, day-to-day tasks such as managing the calendar, the unit manages social networking activities, the organisation’s database (key to delivering statistical information to funders and commissioners) and runs the reception.

This is an excellent unit to work in if you’re keen on clerical work, want to develop your computer skills, or if you ultimately want to work in an office with a fun and vibrant team.

This unit provides one-to-one and group support for members who want to work in a service industry-style setting, running a busy, fully operational café each day which provides snacks and refreshments as well as a home-cooked two-course lunch. It is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Clubhouse and its gardens.

 Members who have a favourite meal are invited to cook or run workshops teaching other members their skills.

This unit provides one-to-one and group support for members who want to access employment & education.

The unit work includes compiling and publishing Mosaic Clubhouse’s regular newsletter, ‘In the Mo’, as well as organising courses, updating the news section of our website and recording our transitional Employment Placements stats.

The Information Hub is part of the E,E&I Unit and this engages members in providing tours of the Clubhouse, helping people with enquiries, filling out the database and researching opportunities to which we can refer people.

At Mosaic Clubhouse we aim to improve our members’ mental and physical wellbeing through wellbeing initiatives, sport and physical activities.
We have a variety of activities such as:

  • Keep fit
  • Gardening club
  • Smoking cessation
  • Yoga
  • Healthier eating group
  • Fitness Group
  • Young adults running group

The Young Adults programme at Mosaic is aimed at our members aged between 16 and 30 . We have over 90 young adult members working alongside each other towards achieving their potential. What we offer:

  • One to one support with a dedicated Support Worker
  • An exciting programme of social events
  • Support to access education and employment opportunities
  • A chance to get involved in our Young Adults Forum which meets once a month
  • Learn how to effectively use social media
  • A chance to take part in and deliver external presentations
  • An opportunity to meet with and work alongside other young adults with similar experiences

Contact Us

Mosaic Clubhouse
65 Effra Road, Brixton
London, SW2 1BZ
Tel: 020 7924 9657

About Us

Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

Mosaic Clubhouse is a registered charity No: 1071705. Company No: 3403522          

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