Volunteering at the Sanctuary

I have been volunteering at the Sanctuary since November. I chose the post because I wanted to become a paid support worker. I do two evenings a week and provide further support as and when needed. I do a variety of things: support my peers, cook, play games, watch TV with people, 1 to 1 support and enjoy each others company.

The thing I find most challenging is when a person is feeling very, very low and has no sense of purpose - I find that very hard, but I think it helps people knowing there's someone they can come to and trust.

"The thing I enjoy the most is doing something with people that they enjoy."

The thing I enjoy the most is doing something with people that they enjoy. Seeing someone who when they come in seems hopeless and when they leave they're laughing.
I find it very rewarding knowing that someone feels that I can help and when I get good feedback.
I now have a paid job as a Peer Support Worker. I found out about my job through the Sanctuary. I think the work at the Sanctuary helped me get the job, as it demonstrated I could do the practical aspects. I would absolutely recommend the position to other people. I've learnt so much about other people and about myself!

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