The morning I came to my senses

This morning I realised that I truly “came to my senses”.  What this means to me is that my thought patterns are no longer scrambled.  An example of this is like a puzzle where the pieces were scattered.  Suddenly they are put together.

I believe life is a journey from infancy to adulthood, a journey without direction.  Sometimes circumstances dictate the choices you make.  When I came to a crossroad I actually didn’t do anything.  Leaving it up to fate. The experience I went through I thought it was inevitable at that point in time.  It was a very difficult period.  For me, the factors that were involved in my mental wellbeing were exhaustion, complexities and disappointments.
My first thought was ”I have been complete before and I can do it again!”.  But the start was self-motivation. Only you can take the first step.

"At first I didn’t know I could do it but with help and support from members and staff I felt part of something and was willing to contribute"

Forming a routine helped and not to worry about time when you set your goal.  Finding an outlet to come to; I came to Mosaic Clubhouse.  Greeted by one of the members who cheerfully welcomed me by saying "Are you coming?  We need more members.”  I started to laugh.

Work wasn’t on the agenda as I was making my way to recovery.  I took a slow pace and didn’t rush into things.  Having isolated myself in the past I was apprehensive about my capabilities working in a group.  I enjoyed the Business and Administration Unit but I was flung into the deep end.  At first I didn’t know I could do it but with help and support from members and staff I felt part of something and was willing to contribute.

With the encouragement of a staff member I was assigned to do a Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) in Stockwell at the Lambeth Living Well Network Hub. The positive aspect of working there is helping individuals who have had mental health conditions.  I get a great many rewards and job satisfaction by working there.  When I applied for a full time position I was pleased they thought so highly of me.  They offered me the job!

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