Regaining a sense of normality

At the beginning of this year, I started attending Mosaic Clubhouse after spending Christmas visiting relatives- I had a great time with them at Christmas because there was lots to eat, and it was lovely seeing relatives I hadn't seen in a while. One morning I was in the Jobcentre and the adviser referred me to Mosaic Clubhouse to gain some help in looking for work- it took a week or so until I was invited into the Clubhouse for an induction with Sam and she happily told me what happens in the Clubhouse. The induction lasted half an hour and I felt that this was somewhere I wanted to come because I felt I could talk to people and get positive feedback.

I had previously been working in central London as a Catering Assistant for about seven years and I had been experiencing depression in the job because of the stress of the role and the journey into the city. I noticed that I was getting up late for work as I was not sleeping well and I was too drained to be punctual sometimes and was also feeling that something was missing in my life. I felt a sense of emptiness inside at the end of the working day. I felt that I needed time out to get some more balance in my life to spend time with family and friends.

"At the clubhouse, I feel that the environment is inviting, welcoming and you are able to talk"

Since joining the clubhouse, I feel I’ve regained a sense of normality again by having routine, by sharing views in a group discussion, by having support. In the employment world in my experience, often things are structured to the employers’ advantage -mostly as based on you satisfying the employer’s standards. At the clubhouse, I feel that the environment is inviting, welcoming and you are able to talk. Here at Mosaic, I have been told about Transitional Employment Placements (TEPs), which give members the opportunity to get back into the working world- it is an opportunity which is good because you do not feel rushed or pushed into the job market, it’s a step in-between. There is time for you to think about your future during and after the TEP and also helps you improve your self-esteem and confidence in a healthy working environment.

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