In 2018 our former CEO, Maresa Ness, won the Lammy Award for ' Going the Extra Mile .' This award was set up to recognise the extraordinary contribution made by individuals and groups who go over and beyond the criteria for the awards and have often been nominated in more than one award category.

Mosaic Clubhouse was a finalist for the category of Public Mental Health & Wellbeing as part of the Health & Wellbeing Awards 2017 organised by the Royal Society For Public Health.

The Evening Sanctuary hosted by Mosaic Clubhouse was short-listed for the ‘Working Together’ category of the 2016 Lammy Awards.

Mosaic Clubhouse won The Charity Governance Awards Managing Turnaround category 2016. The Charity Governance Awards are organised by The Clothworkers’ Company – a City Livery company that supports trusteeship initiatives – in partnership with not-for-profit consultancy NPC ( New Philanthropy Capital ), volunteer matching charity Reach , and recruitment specialists Prospectus . You can listen to our former Chief Excecutive's interview on the Clubhouse model, why we entered and what winning has meant to the Mosaic Clubhouse community here .

Awarded the MHPF Mental Health Voluntary Sector Award 2015 for Integration. 

Shortlisted for the Charity Times Awards 2015.  

Winner of the 3rd Sector Care Awards 2014 for Collaboration.

Highly commended by the Charity Awards 2014.
Clubhouse International and Fountain House/NY received $1.5M Hilton Humanitarian Prize for work to reduce human suffering.

Publications & Press 

BBC Radio 1 ‘Sectioned’ out Sunday 3rd November 2019. Episode 5 features the work of Mosaic Clubhouse and highlights some members' experiences,

Brixton Buzz, Mental Health Day in Brixton , 10th October 2019

Love Lambeth, article on trustee recruitment , 8th October 2019

BrixtonBlog, Are you ok ? Brixton charity wants to know, 20th May 2019

Love Lambeth, Mayor’s charity of the year,  15th November 2018

BrixtonBlog, New Mayor chooses Brixton charity , 24th May 2018

i news published three interviews with Mosaic Clubhouse members for Mental Health Awareness Week, May 2018:

Channel 4 highlights Mosaic's drive to support the recovery from mental illness among black men , 3rd of April 2018.

The London Community Foundation, 5th March 2018, Keeping it together . Mosaic Clubhouse is one of 8 case studies in this report demonstrating how they are making a significant difference to the mental health in Londoners.

Mosaic Clubhouses contributed to this publication by Inspiring Impact, Involving users in shaping services , Shona Curvers, Erica Bertolotto, Rachel Tait, February 2018.

Firesouls , 20th September 2017, interviewed Maresa (former CEO) on her perspective on the future of mental health services, ‘This is the most powerful model of rehabilitation I have ever seen’ .

ITV News , 11 May 2017, featured Mosaic Clubhouse as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Lambeth Cuts, 30 March 2017. Published an article on Mosaic Clubhouse and the impact of austerity cuts. 

London News Online, 17 March 2017. Maresa Ness, our former Chief Executive, is quoted in an article about raising mental health awareness.

London News Online, 3 March 2017. Jack Dixon writes of Mosaic Clubhouse's pending partnership with Lambeth and Southwark Mind to pilot a Psychosis Therapy service.

South London Press, 16 December 2016. As part of the Change is Possible campaign, Mosaic Clubhouse Members and Staff are interviewed for a special feature. 

October 2016, Charity Governance Awards published a podcast interview with former Mosaic Clubhouse Chief Executive, Maresa Ness, following our award in their Turnaround category for 2016. 

July 2016. PHE News 2016, Summer . Features an article on our member, Gabriel, and his successful Transitional Employment Placement with PHE.

July 2016.  Healthwatch  Lambeth Annual Report , includes a summary and quotes from their earlier Enter and View visit to Mosaic Clubhouse.

July 2016. Charity Governance EBook , featuring award nominees and winners, including Mosaic Clubhouse. 

Brixton Blog, 9th July 2016. David Child writes about the official launch of Lambeth's Evening Sanctuary, hosted by Mosaic Clubhouse on 6th July 2016.

Lambeth Talk, June 2016 . Features an article celebrating Mosaic Clubhouse winning The Charity Governance Awards Managing Turnaround category, 2016. It also mentions the clubhouse's Festival of Learning events scheduled for 30th June 2016.

Healthwatch Lambeth Enter and View Report, May 2016 . Mosaic Clubhouse was the first Mental Health service in the community the group had visited.

Brixton Blog, 12th May 2016, breaks the news of Mosaic Clubhouse's win of The Charity Governance Awards Managing Turnaround category, 2016.

Former Mosaic Clubhouse Chief Executive, Maresa Ness, interviewed by London Live News, 22nd April 2016. This followed the news of the clubhouse being shortlisted for The Charity Governance Awards 2016.

Mosaic Clubhouse Features in the Brixton Blog, 21st April 2016 , following the announcement of its shortlist in the Managing Turnaround category, for The Charity Governance Awards 2016.

BBC 1 News: Mosaic was featured on the 6 o’clock news report , re: King’s Fund report.
The  Evening Sanctuary is mentioned on the Crisis Care Concordat website under Local Inspirations.

Mosaic Clubhouse was mentioned Duncan Selbie’s (Public Health England) ‘Friday Message’ on 26th June 2015.

Mosaic Clubhouse & the Living Well Partnership are mentioned in the National Guardian  Alliance contract in Lambeth .

A blog by the Innovation Unit on the Sanctuary crisis service ran by Mosaic Clubhouse.

Mosaic Clubhouse is mentioned on the BBC News story covering the Care Quality Commission (CQC) report,  'Right here, right now: Mental health crisis care review' . Mosaic Clubhouse is mentioned at the end of the footage as an example of best practice.

Mosaic Clubhouse was praised for its good practice by Governance International in November 2014. Read more here

Brixton Blog article on Mosaic Clubhouse recieving money from the Lambeth Giving Fund for equipment to help members thrive and learn new skills - Lambeth Giving Fund helps Brixton charity and community centre.

Our former CEO Maresa Ness on My Brilliant Moment broadcast on the Community Channel.

Recent publications on the Living Well Collaborative website about our hospital inreach programme.

South London paper The Voice reported on Mosaic Clubhouse's move to Brixton and the opening of its new information service in August 2013. Read more here.

Mosaic Clubhouse features as a case study in this report: NESTA & Innovation Unit (2013), More than medicine: new services for people powered health.

Keeping it together - mental health report .

Mosaic Clubhouse has contributed to this publication by Inspiring Impact,  Involving users in shaping services , Shona Curvers, Erica Bertolotto, Rachel Tait, February 2018.


'How young adults in London experience the Clubhouse Model of mental health recovery: A thematic analysis,' has been published in the Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Mental Health, November 2018. One of the authors, Jane Pardi worked at Mosaic whilst doing her masters. The piece concludes that the clubhouse model was beneficial to all its young members, for reasons including its entirely collaborative and consultative process between staff and members, its humanitarian approach, its lack of rigid or inflexible time limits, and its reciprocal relationships, where members are expected to both provide and receive support. Read the paper  here  .

This recent article highlights the Clubhouse model, noting: 'An example of a service option that emphasizes empowerment with information, recreational and skills-building opportunities for social integration is the Clubhouse, essentially a community run by people with mental health problems, in partnership with professional staff. Originating in the USA (the legendary Fountain House, opened in 1948 in New York, being the first example), there are now over 300 in over 30 countries, most of which receive significant funding from local governments. Engagement with the Clubhouse has been reported to lead to increased chances of employment and reduced frequency and duration of admission to hospital. ”Unchaining people with mental disorders: medication is not the solution, The British Journal of Psychiatry" , Volume 212, Issue 1,   January 2018 , pp. 6-8

Colleen McKay, Katie L. Nugent, Matthew Johnsen, William W. Eaton & Charles W. Lidz (2018), A Systematic Review of Evidence for the Clubhouse Model
of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
; Adm Policy Ment Health 45:28–47.

Project to Evaluate the Impact of Fountain House Program on Medicaid Utilization and Expeditures , Health Evaluation and Analytics Lab, New York University, December 2016 Analysis, Claudia Solís-Román, M.P.A. James Knickman, PhD. 

European Clubhouse Newsletter (2015/16 Winter Edition, Pages 11-19) gives details of the recent study into the benefits of the Clubhouse model.

Mosaic Clubhouse features as a case study in: Local early action: how to make it happen. Report from the Southwark and Lambeth Early Action Commission, NEF. Page 46 & 52.

Tanaka K., Craig T & Davidson L (2015), Clubhouse Community Support for Life: Staff–Member Relationships and Recovery, Journal Psychosocial Rehabilitation Mental Health, Springer.
Tanaka K & Davidson L (2015) Reciprocity in the Clubhouse Context , International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Vol 19 (2) 21-33.

Latest research from Clubhouse International .

Mosaic Clubhouse features as a case study in a new publication by NEF on Co-Production in Mental Health, A literature review , Commissioned by Mind.

Clubhouse International participated in the development of two recent reports in conjunction with the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) (2013).  In these reports, Clubhouse is identified as an innovative and effective mental health service program that could be included in any mental health service system wishing to make progress for social change. Additionally, in association with these reports, the Clubhouse Model has been included in a recent online database providing mental health service system decision makers with information about various innovations.

People Helping People: Peer support that changes lives, 2013 . A report by Nesta into the benefits of peer support using learning and evidence on four peer support models.

A report by Nesta & Innovation unit, featuring Mosaic Clubhouse as a case study- More than medicine: new services for people powered health, 2013.

Esko Hänninen (2012), Choices for Recovery Community Based Rehabilitation and the Clubhouse Model as Means to Mental Health Reforms. Juvenes Print - Tampere University Print Oy, Tampere 2012, Finland.

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