My experience doing a Transitional Employment Placement

Before I started at Mosaic, I was doing some small bits for myself as a carpenter/ builder. But due to my mental health I had become completely out of any sort of routine and had lost confidence in my work abilities.

I felt it was almost impossible to get back into any sort of routine and that the chances of anyone employing me were slim and this was very disheartening.

When I started attending Mosaic Clubhouse I was helping with some of the maintenance around the building. When I made it clear to Mosaic staff Sarah that I would be interested in doing a Transitional Employment Placement (TEP), a reception role, I was given every encouragement and support that I needed including some at work training.

The TEP has given me back a routine in the days I work and a belief that it is possible to get employment even when you have suffered with mental health or have not worked either before or indeed ever.

It has given me a boost in self-esteem and has been the first time I’ve been directly employed since I served my apprenticeship. Because of my past and mental health, I had always felt no one would employ me therefore I ran my own businesses for most of my working life.

The SHARP receptionist job was something completely different for me and this was refreshing.

"It has given me a boost in self-esteem"

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