My experience at Pret A Manger

A picture of Hind, Sergio and Maz

It all started with the Mosaic In the Mo Newsletter. I saw in there that Pret a Manger was hiring people that were homeless at some point in their lives. I then spoke with Maz to help me complete the papers and make a referral. Soon I had an interview with Hind (the Rising Stars Programme Manager) in Pret’s offices in Victoria. Later on I went with Jane to Pret a Manger in Brixton. They showed us the kitchen and explained how Pret works. Then I signed contract and started working. My schedule was 35 hours a week, 5 days a week and 7 hours a day with the weekends off. After 3 or 4 days they invited me to go to a 5 stars Hotel to explain to other managers how the Rising Stars Programme works. And every Tuesday I had a group of chat in Pret’s Academy in Victoria. In my store in Brixton there were people from many countries like Spain, Colombia, Poland, Italy, Brazil and probably other countries that I can’t recall right now. All the people were very friendly and the environment was good too. I only worked in the kitchen and I learnt how to do wraps, sandwiches, baguettes, macaroni and salads. For what I understood I did my job very well but I was very slow and so they didn’t offer me a continuation of job after the three months trial. On my last Pret day I went with Maz to the graduation where they gave me a trophy, a mug, a diploma and a postal card. In the end the experience was very good and worthy. I’m glad that there are organisations like Mosaic Clubhouse and Pret that help vulnerable people. This is the message that Ben (my manager) sent to Hind for my graduation:

“Please let him know that we were very impressed by his professionalism at work and always giving 100% in whatever he was doing. The quality of products he made were picture perfect EVERY time. Myself and the team would like to say a big thank you and we wish him luck in his new job and we hope he will pop by for a coffee on us whenever he is in Brixton as he will always be one of us.”

I’m glad that there are organisations like Mosaic Clubhouse and Pret that help vulnerable people.

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