Mosaic brought back my confidence

I have been coming to Mosaic Clubhouse for about 18months. During this time I’ve help onreception and volunteered in the Hospitality & Horticulture unit (HH). I have learnt many things that I didn’t know before. I’ve learnt how to bake cakes, use the large industrial dish washer. I’ve also learnt how to make a Bolognaise sauce from scratch! I’ve learnt about Health and Safety in kitchen and generally.  I have made many new friends and also I’ve met up with old friends from school in from the Lambeth area where I grew up. Mosaic is ideal for me because I live locally and it’s easy for me to get there. What I like about volunteering in HH is that it’s very busy, you get to meet members and people from different organisations. Also there are a lot of different tasks I can do – so I don’t get bored.

I use to only socialise in the small same circle of friends and relatives but coming to Clubhouse I’ve have started going to social occasions and events like Employment & Education dinner, Ritzy, Oval Theatre where I was actually on a panel speaking about my personal journey during the Question and Answer section.  This was a really big thing for me as I don’t really like speaking in a public to an audience but I was able to do it because coming to the Clubhouse and helping others has brought back my confidence to deal with different people at all levels of society.

I have not been in paid employment for over eight years; though I have done some studies in Business, English, Maths and IT.  My time at Mosaic is helping me to get work ready so when Angela asked if I would like to visit a Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) I was hesitant at first but after thinking about it I decided to give it a try. I started at Cambian Churchill as a Kitchen Assistant but unfortunately, my arthritis made impossible for me to continue – I was gutted! However, in the future I will be looking at another TEP that doesn’t require so much standing.

"Coming to the Clubhouse and helping others has brought back my confidence to deal with different people at all levels of society"

I have recommended Mosaic to teachers that I know and other support workers who work in Mencap Lambeth and other people in the community who didn’t know what happens at this address. I hope to continue to come to the Clubhouse while I’m on my journey trying to get back into paid employment or further my education.
Thank you HH and for all your help, support, guidance and hugs!

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