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I’m Patrick and I am an original Mosaic member from Atkins Road. When I came out of Landor Road Hospital my Social Worker told me that I shouldn’t let depression stop me making an improvement on my ambition. I was motivated by Mosaic staff to understand how to use a computer and to work in a team.

I’d never used a computer before I came to Mosaic. I started making picture cards, daily bulletins, sending emails and writing, these daily tasks all helped me. I got some support from staff working in different units – cleaning and working in the kitchen.

I did a Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) which helps someone in the condition I was in to work with others and get used to everyday workers. I hadn’t been able to do that before, it really helped me to improve my self worth. A TEP isn’t just about earning money it’s about being in a working environment, as well as communication with other people not in a mental health setting. When I was working there I felt accepted and like I wasn’t unwell. A lot of places don’t make you feel like that, but being treated that way really motivated me to do other things. My TEP was a stepping stone.

" A Transitional Employment Program isn’t just about earning money, it’s about being in a working environment, as well as communication with other people"

I went to college to improve my further education and my ambition was to become a musician, which I have achieved. I was at Sound Minds in Battersea for three years learning piano and guitar and I won two awards there – in film and music. I left there after I got my qualifications and went to Raw Sounds in Kennington for four years working with bands doing appearances and live music. I’ve played a gig in front of thousands of people which was an amazing experience and I’m on their website.

Now I am studying sound technology, through online learning. I’ve also recently completed a work programme placement from the job centre that was outdoor gardening and landscaping work.

One of the main reasons I am doing this testimony is for the younger people and people in my age group to make an improvement to their goals and ambitions.  I want to say I’ve met mine, which I didn’t think was possible due to my depression, but I’ve done it and if I can achieve these things so can other people. I hope that by writing this others can be motivated and inspired to do the same.

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