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I first came to Mosaic in 2010 at Atkins Road, I only came a few times, it was a bit small for me. A few years later, April 2012 I think, I came back to Mosaic in Effra road. This time I loved it, it was bigger, there were more people. Loads of people had told me about it. It was very friendly, from then on I kept coming, every day. I tried out computer drop in the Employment, Education & Information unit, my computer skills weren’t good, I was all over the place, I couldn’t really use computers at all. A couple of members showed me how to use the mouse. People would give me things to type, I used to be slow, but bit by bit I got better.

Then one of the Support Workers asked if I wanted to do return to learning with Lambeth college at Mosaic. I wasn’t sure, but I wanted to do something, go back to school. I was just taking pills and watching telly. I wanted to get out more. I started the Computer class at Mosaic, and English at Lambeth college twice a week. The computer tutor told me I was moving too fast and she got me to go up a level and move into the  college and do two lessons a week. I completed a year of Return to Learning. It felt good and motivated to try out another course.
I also got involved in unit work Mosaic – toilets, washing up, and also I learnt to use the Mosaic database. I had never used a database before. I can’t stay in all day and watch tv, I like to keep active. I like to get out and do stuff.
Then I took a shot at going mainstream adult education. I am now studying an electrical installation diploma, level 2. I am also studying maths and English, level two. About 10 years ago, I was an apprentice electrician.

" I feel what I’ve taken on is a big task but I am willing to try! I "

Now I want a qualification to become a fully qualified electrician. Maths and English is hard because of my mental health. I find it hard to focus, sometimes my brain freezes. Sometimes I forget to spell things I know! I’ve passed Health and Safety so far which is part of the electrics course – I got a merit. I failed English and Maths first time but I’m going to take them again, I need to get quicker. If I pass this year I can go on to level 3 in September. When I’m not at Mosaic I’m studying in the library.
It makes me feel good coming out in the daytime, socialising with people. I am happy that I’ve made friends at Mosaic and at College. It’s given me structure. I feel what I’ve taken on is a big task but I am willing to try! I want to stay focused because I need to pass. I hope that in the future I will learn to drive and get electrician work with Lambeth Council – that’s my dream.
I’m glad I started coming to Mosaic, I appreciate everything they have done, they have helped me so much. I know getting back to work will be hard, but I’m way ahead of where I was a few years ago.

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