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Hi I am Kanchan
I’ve been a member at mosaic for a few years, still on my journey of recovery.
I used to cook a lot before but stopped when I got unwell, now once again cooking is one of my hobbies which I enjoy doing so very much. I also appreciate having this space to help me get back my confidence in the kitchen and as well as being able to utilize my skills.
The Evening Sanctuary service has been a major part of my mental health and wellbeing since February this year. Sunday has been one of the most difficult days for me over the last many years. I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind which leads to me feeling severely depressed.

"The Evening Sanctuary service has been a major part of my mental health and wellbeing"

With mental health not a lot of people understand that changes in the way you think and your perspective of life can change at any moment and it’s good to know the sanctuary service is available.
Here at Mosaic Clubhouse Evening Sanctuary I already know the staff, they are easier to approach and know my background, and are very compassionate and understanding as well as having peer supporters who have been in or near enough a similar situation that I have been through.

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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