There is more out there that is possible

A member reflects on their experience on a trip to Magdalen Farm

At the beginning of September, 9 members and 3 staff got the opportunity to go to Magdalen Farm. I admit I was anxious to go as have not been away much before and didn’t know what to expect. I am so glad I got over that minor wobble and went ahead.

It was amazing. I can only speak from my own anecdotal experience, though I think my sentiments were shared by the whole group. I got more therapeutic value from that trip than years of ‘therapy’ from the NHS. (No disrespect to our lovely NHS, just not always had the greatest experience!)

Sometimes you need to step outside of your normal reality to be able to see things from a different perspective, even if that is painful sometimes. It helped remind me that there is beauty and joy in the world. There is more out there that is possible. It also helped me to see that I need to raise my standards of living a little. That maybe there is a life worth living, rather than just trying to get through the days.

The group bonded well; it was a little bittersweet to return home to the quietness. It helped me to see that I need to continue to prioritise reducing my social isolation. There were plenty of opportunities to work together, not my strongest attribute in all honesty, but got more confident as the time went on.

I loved most spending time with all the animals, even earning the title of ‘chicken whisperer’! It has made me consider working with animals in the future and I am now researching volunteering placements to gain more confidence and skills.

The whole experience earned a special place in my heart. The fresh air and open space, the good food cooked with love, fun and laughter and a warm and welcoming environment I will never forget. I could have stayed much longer and even am considering volunteering there or somewhere similar under the ‘woofing’ scheme in the future.

I am so grateful to Mosaic and the staff for this opportunity and would urge any other members who are on the fence about going to go for it. I think we all took a lot away from the experience, even if it was just a chance for a great holiday.

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