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Mosaic Clubhouse offers members interesting, insightful and engaging events that are aimed around development in all of its forms. For me, chief of these has been the training sessions for Mosaic’s very own Information Hub, which aims to point members of public in the direction of services that can help them with their problem or query.

Having attended around four of them already and nestled within the week on a Thursday afternoon, the training sessions are a great platform for members to get to grips with the skills and expertise required to effectively signpost members of the public to the appropriate services that can help them further.

Putting our acting talents to the test, the training sessions involved half of the members adopting certain scenarios and presenting likely problems to the other half of the group. The other half of the group then offer advise to them and point them in the direction of the appropriate services that could help them with their problem further.

Acting as an advisor requires complete professionalism as often the scenarios include circumstances where the client is extremely distressed, angry or presenting with complex mental health issues. It also requires a broad understanding of the public services that are out there and are available to members of the public, from mental health services, accommodation and housing support to food banks, soup kitchens and welfare rights advice services.

We also share information on recent privacy regulations, effective case recording, tricky past scenarios, past experiences with the various organisations and services that are available to clients and also the marketing of the information hub in general. To promote the information hub, we sat as a group and designed and created a new poster that reflected the sign posting nature of the service.

"Mosaic Clubhouse offers members interesting, insightful and engaging events"

This was a thoroughly rewarding experience and a chance to apply creativity for a practical purpose.     

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