Shailoe's Story: part of a photography and craft project at Mosaic

Mosaic has really helped me to find my inner self again, with all the problems I’m dealing with at the present moment. Mosaic finds beautiful quotes that start my day off really well. Here’s one quote that’s really important to me, “Imagine all your thoughts and actions were displayed for others to see, how would you feel?”.

That makes me realise in myself that I have to live a clean life, a clean life with others. The quotes are really beautiful and they’re really natural and they make me think about myself.

I find everyone here is the same as me, we’ve all got problems and we’re all the same just sometimes people have problems that are more physical, more noticeable. Some people like myself look quite attractive and quite pretty but my problems are deep within me, beneath my clothing and my looks.

Without this place I wouldn’t have anywhere to go and I’ve had mental problems right from the age of 12 and I’ve never had anywhere to go, I’ve only just found this in the last 4 years. If I’d of known about this years ago then I maybe would have been more of a positive person towards my own well-being.

I felt like a nobody then and now
No one notice’s me I continue suffering
Think my bed will comfort me

I am frightened of my thoughts, dream and memory vision
I am alone, days have no meaning
My children make me feel existence as their mother
Despite my life I complain in the bitterness of my soul
Ask why they made me their target

Shailoe, 2018

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