I feel a bit more complete

I’ve been working at the National Theatre in Distribution for about six weeks now. The place is very busy, they have two\ three restaurants and quite a few bars. Every morning there is a team of more than 10 of us, who work together to move all the deliveries from the bay area all around the building. We also help with moving furniture and do some cleaning. How did I get here?

The job centre told me about Mosaic . Before I first visited I wasn’t sure it was the place for me. But when I came here I thought ‘wow,’ there were a lot of nice people, a lot of interaction. At first I got support with my benefits, with Every Pound Counts, and some support with other things. Then after a while I started to get support looking for work in the Employment and Education unit .

"When I came here I thought ‘wow,’ there were a lot of nice people, a lot of interaction!"

I had been looking for work for a long time. I was doing some voluntary work at the British Heart Foundation in Brixton, helping out in the shop. Working there helped me to overcome some of my fears about dealing with new people. I had a CV already but I got help at Mosaic looking for jobs. Mosaic has a link with the place I’m working at, and told me about an opportunity there. They supported me doing my application form and did a mock interview with me, which was fun, three people pretending to interview me, it helped. Mosaic also referred me to Suited and Booted who gave me a suit for my interview. I was the smartest person out of all the applicants.
It’s nice the place I’m working, it’s all teamwork.  It’s very physical, it’s good for me, the manager said to me, ‘don’t worry you won’t miss the gym, you’ll get a work out here!’ The people are all nice, supportive. I’m the Grandpa! I work with lots of younger people. Everyone helps each other out. Everyone is very friendly. At the beginning I was struggling with remembering the layout of the building, but my teammates helped me and now after a month I’m getting better. I’m no longer panicking. I’ve been really honest with them about my arthritis and depression and they’ve been really supportive.
I feel a bit more complete now I’m working. I can say I’m tired because I’ve been to work! I feel like everyone else. I’m more disciplined, I have more structure. I’m also tired, I always feel like I’ve just been to the gym!
Thank you to everyone at Mosaic who signed my congratulations card! And those who helped me at Mosaic Clubhouse, the British Heart Foundation and Suited and Booted.

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