I attended, I asked for help

This testimonial has been written by an Evening Sanctuary and Information Hub service user.

I had to leave my previous location due to danger and undermining of mental health. Enough was enough, the danger and the force upon my life was ridiculous. I escaped the trap and made my way to the furthest destination on the map available at my local train station, a direct train away from the maze of the trap. I knew it would not be a straightforward process like the direct train route that me and my service dog would soon embark, although it was necessary.

Through the endless, winding streets, seeming to be endless, day after day, night after night, me and my dog were homeless and initially no one knew why. I felt detached from society, finding it difficult to communicate. I silently went onward, around and around like the cycle of buses, trains or joggers. It was not easy; I knew I was away from danger and in another danger. Cold, tired, hungry and in the midst of the fog in my situation, one night whilst looking for a place to sleep, by chance I walked down Effra Road. Why I do not know, perhaps it was destiny calling or is that infinity? I looked up, I saw the Mosaic sign, negativity nearly overcame the potential but I made a point of visiting the next morning.

What would I say? The complexity of my life was ringing in my mind like the Lambeth Town clock. I got up in the morning and added kindle to my previous night thought. I attended, I asked for help. Initially strangers over time came to understand and supported my situation and they did what I at first thought they would not. Over time, listening ears and humility managed to navigate and to improve the situation. Genuine interest and investment of time and efforts brought positive results. The Mosaic’s constant kind hearted spirit restored a damaged faith in society. Actively processing problems donated real solutions.

6 months later, I am now away from initial danger, more stable and me and man’s best friend are now housed. The result? A resolve to continue to build up and upon. In two words…THANK YOU.

"Over time, listening ears and humility managed to navigate and to improve the situation"

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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