I am very glad that I joined this club

I have been a member of The Mosaic Clubhouse since May 2017. I joined this place as I have suffered from depression for many years. Typical traits of this illness have meant that you do not want to get up, leave the house and be among people. In the beginning I found it difficult to adapt to these new surroundings. As I was shy and anxious, I could not imagine how I was going to cope with my fears.

My first visit at Mosaic put my mind at ease and I felt more relaxed and positive. I was impressed by the courses, variety of activities and events that the Club offers. I successfully completed a customer service course and took part in IT and Drawing lessons.

To improve and develop my IT and administration skills I signed up to a TEP (Transitional Employment Placement) where you can gain work experience and confidence. I started a new job in an Administration office in Brixton. I was trained by a great person, Katerina Agyioti, whose warm and compassionate attitude and fantastic teaching skills have helped me to build my confidence and learn something new. This job has given me the opportunity to seek further employment in the future.

Being a Mosaic Clubhouse member gave me the chance to meet some great staff members who looked after me and supported me along the way. I can always rely on their help and advice. I feel encouraged to do things, which I would not have done before and which helped me to think more positive. I met some very nice people who I have become friends with.

Thanks to this place I feel more confident, empowered, happy and calm. Previous negative thoughts are gradually slipping away from my mind giving me some peace and comfort.

I am very glad that I joined this Club.

Thanks to this place I feel more confident, empowered, happy and calm.

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