Overcoming challenges

I started the job at CNBC August 2017. I was not sure if I would last the course, but I received a lot of encouragement and assurance from Mosaic staff, which I have appreciated very much.

There were few challenges: I had not used trains for a long time, so there was a bit of phobia and anxiety I had to overcome. Also, the area of the city I worked in is very busy, and I am not too keen on crowds. At the workplace, it was difficult to interact with people there at first. Because I was there 5 days a week, eventually I got used to talking to people and I became less paranoid.
I was very tired after working 5 days a week, so I could not come to Mosaic as much as before. On reflection, I did not feel like I needed to rely on Mosaic as I did before, because I was working. It has been a big change after not working for so many years. When I felt settled at the job, I tried to stay in touch with Mosaic by attending social programs and Employment & Education dinners.

"I feel I have become more confident around people, I gained the work experience and I feel better and more motivated than before"

9 months on, as I just completed my Transitional Employment Placement (TEP), I feel I have become more confident around people, I gained the work experience and I feel better and more motivated than before. Honestly, I wish could stay another 9 months, but that's the way it goes: it is time for me to move on and for another Clubhouse member to have the opportunity of trying TEP.
My plans are to continue with the computer class I just started and to explore the possibility of part time job. Ending the TEP and moving on is a new challenge, but with on-going help from Mosaic I am gradually getting there. It is helpful to know that Evening Sanctuary can provide short term support during a transition period if needed, and that Employment& Education unit can help with job search and CV.

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