Transitional Employment Program and Beyond

One of our members, Jeffy, spoke to three members who have gained employment after completing a Transitional Employment Programme (TEP). Here are their stories:

Julie's story:

Julie told me that after a very long illness she joined Mosaic in the hope of improving her future and job prospects. She had been working in the casino industry for over 20 years and desperately needed a change as the casino environment is extremely stressful and involves working night shifts (NOT GREAT FOR MENTAL HEALTH!)

Julie feels that Support Workers at Mosaic have been instrumental in helping her to gain some self-worth and confidence, which had greatly diminished. Julie feels it's amazing what you can achieve when people believe and take an interest in you.

After Julie started a TEP at the Living Well Network Hub, the Project Manager created a new role for her as a Personal Assistant. Julie is now working part time as an Administrative Assistant, she says Mosaic is a truly amazing charity and enterprise.

"Don’t be afraid. Mosaic has years of experience and can support you all the way. They also work with employers who are positive about mental health"

Beatrice's story:

Beatrice first came to Mosaic around October 2015. She likes the atmosphere here and helping out. She has done data entry, reception work and general office duties. Her Support Worker gave her the idea of doing a TEP. When she found out more about it, she was happy to apply.

Beatrice started the TEP in March 2016. Her main duties were data entry on to a database. She found the work interesting and found it good to be in the office again, to be a part of a team.
Since the TEP, the company had a vacancy for an Administration Assistant and Receptionist. She applied for it and got it. She was very happy. It is a one year contract and it was a good opportunity for her to get her foot back in the door.

Beatrice would encourage anyone to do a TEP, which she feels helped her to be job ready and get experience.
She is hopeful that this experience can help her to find another job, in a field that she is interested in, probably in an administration role.
Beatrice is very grateful to Mosaic for arranging a TEP which has allowed her to get a job.
Claudia's story:

When Claudia joined the Clubhouse, she was given simple tasks to begin with and moved on to more complicated ones as she progressed. She thought she wouldn’t be able to do anything, but with the support of the staff, her confidence grew and she began to feel she could try a TEP.

She has done a few TEPs and enjoyed working as well as having the benefits of extra cash. Her latest TEP helped her to gain experience in administration and she was later able to obtain a Receptionist/ Administrative Assistant role at the Living Well Network Hub.

Claudia's advice to anyone who is thinking about taking up TEP  is “ Don’t be afraid. Mosaic has years of experience and can support you all the way. They also work with employers who are positive about mental health”. She hopes to obtain a permanent position and continue to be financially independent. She also hopes her experience will help many to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel; a life after mental illness.

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