Ermiyas: Getting Support to Move Forward

My name is Ermiyas and I have been a member of Mosaic Clubhouse since I was discharged from hospital in 2015. When I first joined Mosaic I was very depressed and pessimistic about life and what the future held for me because I suffer from bipolar disorder. The help and incredible support I received from Mosaic has allowed me to finish my Higher National Diploma as well as my Private Hire Licence, which would have been very difficult for me to do by myself without the support available.

Mosaic Clubhouse has supported me physically to get in to a shape by providing  workout sessions with a qualified gym instructor and yoga teacher where we work out and meditate, which has had a positive impact on my mental health. Mosaic has also supported me by keeping the door open. If I am depressed, I can always come and speak to a member staff and have a one to one conversation, without been judged. The staff are always friendly and approachable. There are various courses available at the Clubhouse which members can take part in and we have quiz time every afternoon at the end of the unit meeting which all members and staff can take part in which is fun to do.

I am currently waiting to start my 3rd year of university to study Computing and System Development. I have also recently started work as a private hire driver. If it was not for the incredible and massive support I received from the members of staff and my key worker at Mosaic Clubhouse it would have been impossible to be where I am, at this current stage of my life, so I am always grateful and thankful.

"I can always come and speak to a member staff and have a one to one conversation, without been judged"

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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