Chantal's Story: Trying different things at Mosaic 

One winters day in September I was introduced to Mosaic Clubhouse by my work therapist. At that time I was going through some troubles and thought I’d not be able to socialise properly nor endure any tasks given to me, as I had low confidence.

I filled in forms and had a look around. To my surprise, the hospitality I received was overwhelming and it felt like I was in an atmosphere I knew I'd feel safe. The warm neutral colours of the background, happy faces as I walked in and the canteen gave it away.

As I went further into the facilities provided I found out that there was plenty activities of my interest. This really startled me; the fact that you are not judged according to your mental or physical capability.

The first class I went to was the gardening group where I was greeted by Simon and other participants within the group. I learnt about teamwork and what natural plants grow in the garden according to seasons and how to maintain these plants. Got my hands dirty in the soil and planted and learned how to graft which was a therapeutic yet worthwhile.

The next task I got into was administration work, where everyone was welcoming and bubbly and I really felt at home working as part of a team. I felt that there are good people in this world and they taught me a lot that I did not know. The challenges felt rewarding and exactly what I was looking for.

The last task was the art group which is run on Thursday evenings. This really is needed after a challenging day and comes in really useful as you drift into your outer imagination of drawing what’s in your mind and vision. As you draw the colours of a beautiful mind start to format into a pictures drawing. One that leaves you thinking, 'did I really do that?' Thanks to the teacher he puts on music to keep the atmosphere tranquil yet therapeutic.

Overall Mosaic is the place to be, because it gets you out of your comfort zone and takes you into having a different approach of the world; knowing that nothing can hold you back no matter what circumstance you’re in.

"I felt that there are good people in this world and they taught me a lot I did not know and the challenges felt rewarding and exactly what I was looking for."

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