Being part of the Hospital in reach project at Mosaic

My name is Michael, I’m 56, I’ve been a Lambeth resident for 51 years. I’ve been coming to Mosaic for 19 months. I like the friendly, calming atmosphere. It helps with my depression, keeps me off anti-depressants.

The thing I like to do best is work on Reception, I like relating to people; all ages, personalities, it means I know who’s who.

Beverley, the Service Manager, introduced me to the hospital in reach project, visiting patients in mental health wards in Lambeth Hospital. I live nearby, I’ve known people who have been in there over the years. For some people it’s like being in prison. Initially it was a four week pilot project, I was going 4 days a week with a small team from Mosaic, now that’s over we’re waiting to see what’ll happen next, but we’re still going in.

People in hospital need other people, away from the staff, to talk to and relate to. When I go in there the patients are pleased to see me, sometimes I go in on my own and just sit with them. People in hospital need people to care for them, to visit them, some people don’t have support from anybody. Visiting them gives them something to look forward to.

Sometimes we bring them back to Mosaic or take them shopping. They get different people to talk to. They’re really grateful, one guy was really happy when I took him to Sainsbury’s, to get some food he missed, better than hospital food! Another woman wanted to say thank you to us and she wanted to buy a couple of us lunch, being able to do that made her feel good.

Being part of this project has been really good for me, good for my soul. It makes me feel like I am making a difference, even if it’s one person, it’s worth it. Since I’ve been coming to Mosaic I’ve realised anyone can have a breakdown and everyone needs support and hope, where there’s life there’s hope.

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