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I heard about Mosaic clubhouse through SLAM. I’ve been a member at Mosaic Clubhouse for 3 months now. I was referred to Mosaic Clubhouse because my foster dad passed away and I have been suffering with PTSD , BPD and Depression and Anxiety. Whilst being a member at Mosaic Clubhouse I have taken part in monthly social activities. I have been trained on the reception. I have also been on a night away trip to Magdalen farm where I learned a lot about how to maintain a healthy life style. I enjoy coming to Mosaic Clubhouse because I am meeting new people and taking part in the art class, Business & Administration unit where I have learned how to do database and how to do the phones and doors on reception . I also Like taking part when Doug the therapy dog that comes to visit.


At the moment Angel is a part time student studying hairdressing and in the time she has been coming to Mosaic Clubhouse she started a work placement in London Barberhood which she is learning a lot from.

I have had work placements in salons before but my confidence was knocked because I was told that because of my mental illness that I would never make it in the hairdressing industry. That was when I worked at headmasters and they fired me because I had a mental health issue. My confidence went down hill from there. I started isolating myself and wouldn’t leave the flat for weeks. I became very depressed and hated myself. I wouldn’t understand why I wouldn’t be a good hairdresser and why employers could be so horrible. When I came to Mosaic Clubhouse the staff gave me the confidence I needed to get back in to the industry I have always dreamed of working in and I enjoy it so much.

"The staff gave me the confidence I needed to get back in to the industry I have always dreamed of working in"

At my work placement with London Barberhood I am gaining my confidence back. It’s so nice when you work alongside staff that see potential in you. I am learning new skills every day and progressing really fast. I can’t wait to learn more things and get my NVQ so I can get a full time job and pay my bills then I will be really proud of myself!

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