Employment, Education and Information Unit

About The Unit

All activities within the E,E&I Unit are carried out by members and staff in partnership.

This unit provides one-to-one and group support for members who want to access employment; this includes:

  • Help with CVs,
  • Application Forms,
  • Interview Practice,
  • Interview Clothes

The unit oversees our employment placements, part-time paid jobs which all members can try out – these include office work, reception work, kitchen portering, gardening, cleaning and data entry. 

The unit has strong links with external agencies such as Jobcentre Plus and Suited and Booted which means that we can make sure members who return to paid work get the help and support they need to make the journey a smooth one.  We also maintain contact with working members and arrange monthly Employment Dinners as informal celebrations of our members’ achievements.

The unit work includes compiling and publishing Mosaic Clubhouse’s regular newsletter, ‘In the Mo’, as well as preparing our monthly e-newsletter, updating the news section of our website and creating eye-catching posts for our company page on Linkedin.

The unit manages our relations with colleges and is responsible for ensuring that we provide access to a valuable and enjoyable range of educational opportunities, both within the Clubhouse and at main college sites.  Mosaic Clubhouse is an international training base for members and staff from other clubhouses and the E,E&I Unit oversees the International Colleague Training Programme.

Finally, the Information Hub is part of the E,E&IUnit and this engages members in providing tours of the Clubhouse, helping people with enquiries, filling out the database and researching opportunities to which we can refer people.

What we offer

In the E, E & I Unit, you can develop your skills in:

  • Creating CVs and preparing for interviews
  • Promotional and marketing activities
  • Research
  • Preparing and leading workshops
  • Information Technology and website updates
  • Peer support
  • Data input
  • Editorial, formatting and design activities
  • Communications
  • Marketing presentations

Our Stories

Studying to be a Chef

In the beginning I just wanted to make myself busy but now I like to spend time in the kitchen.

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Making the first step

The staffs at my Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) are really happy with me and they said that I would be long with them! They say that I do a great job in the kitchen. For me a TEP is about giving people the opportunity to go out and explore different opportunities to find out their strengths. Having this TEP has given me the motivation to get out and explore my abilities. I wake up every morning looking for what needs doing.

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Being the Person I am Meant to Be

Paul's story Mosaic Clubhouse Young Adults

When it comes down to my own mental health it is not something that I normally discuss or like to, but now that has changed, now I am no longer ashamed about it, now I feel comfortable talking about it and by doing so, here and now, I hope that it might help others with their recovery.

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Black History courses brought me back to Mosaic

Walking back into Clubhouse I remembered so well the vibrant atmosphere of kindred spirits pulling together in a friendly, non-judgemental way.  I felt back at home! .

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Getting back into education

It makes me feel good coming out in the daytime, socialising with people. I am happy that I’ve made friends at Mosaic and at College. It’s given me structure. I feel what I’ve taken on is a big task but I am willing to try!

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Mosaic Clubhouse is part of a worldwide network of clubhouses that exist to provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition.

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